Simplified WCAG guidance

WCAG 2.2 – Levels A and AA only, with dev notes.

Testing tools

Automated browser tools and a few bookmarklets to help with manual testing.


Those nice people over at Web Dev have released an excellent Learn Accessibility course. Best of all it's free. May I also suggest reading a refresher on semantic HTML Learn HTML.

They also have an excellent article on Login / sign-in best practices which should be considered too.


Add bookmarklet to the browsers bookmarks. Once added, navigate to the page for testing then click the bookmark, or just click to test on this page.

Automated accessibility testers

Color contrast tools


Most common screen-reader and browser combinations
Screen-reader & browser Respondents Respondents (%)
JAWS with Chrome 500 32.5%
NVDA with Chrome 246 16.0%
JAWS with Edge 194 12.6%
NVDA with Firefox 149 9.7%
JAWS with Firefox 74 4.8%
VoiceOver with Safari 72 4.7%
Excerpt from WebAims Survey on screen-reader usage 2021